Opus 40 Ensemble

Read more about the Opus 40 Ensemble here: www.opus40ensemble.com

Founded in January 2011, Opus 40 is a chamber ensemble dedicated to promoting the natural horn and valve horn through an exploration of repertoire spanning the history of western music. Through the performance of original works and transcriptions, this versatile ensemble featuring a violin, horns of all eras, and keyboard explores the large and varied chamber repertoire for horn. The term Opus 40 is an homage to Brahms’ Horn Trio in Eb (Op. 40) the most renowned work for this instrumentation.

We have played works by Frederic Duvernoy, Georg P. Telemann, Johannes Brahms, Kerry Turner, Trygve Madsen, and more…

horn, Brad Tatum
piano, Yee-Ning Soong

Please contact Yee-Ning Soong if you would like to schedule an event with Opus 40.