About the Studio


Studio Musica Vita is an established piano studio offering private music lessons to the Maryland community since 2010. We are located in the central Maryland area. Our goal is to create an accessible, friendly, open atmosphere where people of all ages and backgrounds can learn to communicate in the universal language of music. Starting lessons on the piano provides a solid foundation for any future musical endeavors.

Program Offerings

Lesson plans include an integrated balance of music theory, repertoire, sight-reading, and ear training. Duration of lessons are in 30-minute, 45-minute, or 60-minute intervals. Typically, 30-minute sessions are reserved for musical novices and the very young who usually have a shorter attention span. If the student would like to pursue a more rigorous study of music, they may opt for longer or more frequent lessons.

Parental Involvement

The parent’s role is perhaps the most crucial and at times challenging because s/he must be encouraging, consistent, and patient. With this shared experience, the parent and child will learn how to work closely together and communicate effectively. As the child matures and becomes self-sufficient, the parent and teacher will work together to gradually give the child more independence. Usually around ages 10-13, students are self-motivated and detail-oriented enough that they are able to work on their own.Before beginning lessons, please decide who will be the practice partner at home and will consistently observe your child’s lessons. This parent will be in charge of taking notes during the classes and knowing what their student’s strong points and pitfalls might be. We will offer practice strategies for working successfully at home together.

Initial Interview

All prospective students are required to schedule an initial interview and/or to observe a lesson. This is when the teacher can take time to assess the student’s musical background, learn about the student’s and/or parent’s goals, and address any questions or concerns. To schedule an interview, please contact the studio via phone or e-mail.

Lesson Behavior

Please arrive early or on-time; the waiting room is to the left down the stairs if a lesson is being wrapped up at that moment. You will forfeit lesson time if you are tardy. Please turn off cellphones. If siblings or friends are attending, make sure they have a quiet activity or respectfully listen and observe.


To ensure the best progress and experience, students are required to practice at least length of their lesson 6 days a week. There is no magic when it comes to making progress. Whatever you put in is what you get out.

Missed Lessons and Inclement Weather

If a student knows s/he needs to miss a lesson, then it is best to switch lesson times with another student. Lessons are made up at the teacher’s discretion. If a teacher misses a lesson it will be rescheduled, or prorated to the following semester.

Ever since the pandemic, practically everyone has become versed in the usage of webcams, headphones, and video software. We have used Zoom for the majority of the pandemic. Google Meet has also been a tool as well. Therefore, with the exception of power outages, during inclement weather we will conduct lessons virtually to keep thing moving along.

Tuition and Termination

Lessons are given at the studio in Millersville, MD (21108). The teaching year is comprised of 3 semesters: Fall semester, Spring semester, and Summer semester. The schedule for Summer semesters are slightly different than Fall and Spring. Scheduling for Fall and Spring occurs a month prior to the start of each semester. Please read on for more information. Rates are subject to change from year to year; please contact to confirm our current rates.

Fall & Spring Semesters
Fall and Spring semesters includes 18 individual lessons each, and at least two recitals. Rolling admissions. Breaks for major federal and school holidays are taken into account when we schedule for the upcoming year. Tuition is amortized over the months in the semester.

Summer Semesters
Summer semesters have 10 total weeks of lessons. You are not required to come to all 10, but if more than 5 are missed, your family will lose priority when scheduling the Fall and Spring semester timeslots. It is courteous to lock in your schedule before the summer semester begins; your teacher will start scheduling for the summer a month prior. Each package includes the number of lessons you will attend; additional fees may be required for extracurricular activities. Tuition may be amortized over the summer months if your schedule is locked in.

Tuition is due by the first lesson of each month. Five payment plan options are available for families to choose from. We accept payment with cheques, Google Pay, or cash. Cheques should be made payable to ‘Yee-Ning Soong’ or to ‘Studio Musica Vita.’ This lesson fee does not include books and materials, which the student/parents are expected to purchase. When needed, for no additional charge, extra lessons or rehearsals may be needed to prepare for upcoming student activities. Please contact the studio (via phone or e-mail) to confirm current rates.

Termination of Lessons
Lessons may be terminated by either the teacher or the student but 30 days notice should be given by either party. This allows time for the spot to be filled and gives closure to the student and teacher. If you must leave the program unexpectedly for any reason, the remainder of the semester’s tuition is still due.