About Me

Teaching Methods and Philosophy

“Music is the universal language of mankind.” –Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Learning music nurtures the student as a whole. Discipline, focus, fine motor control, organization, coordination, self-expression, development of self-esteem, of self-sentience, of stage presence, of communication skills–all these things are necessary to leading a life well-lived. When a person lacks any one of the those skills, they lack the ability to improve themselves on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level. We tailor a personalized program based on each student’s needs while ensuring they remain enthusiastic and always set up for success.

About Yee-Ning Soong

Yee-Ning Soong is a first-generation Chinese-American. Her parents immigrated to the US in the 70s, where her mother studied for a B.A. in Studio Art and her father obtained a doctorate in Astrophysics. The family moved to Maryland in the late 80s, where Ning started playing violin at the age of 6 and taking piano lessons at the age of 7.

From the first year and on, she participated in the National Guild Auditions, worked on various chamber repertoire with her peers, and competed and won various local solo and chamber music/ensemble competitions. She continued her studies at the University of Maryland, College Park and received degrees in Economics, Music–Piano Performance, and Classics.

In addition to teaching piano through her undergraduate studies, she started apprenticing under UMCP’s head piano technician Ming Li for piano tuning during her last year of college. After graduation, she continued her piano technician studies by working at PianoCraft–a piano rebuilding shop in Gaithersburg, MD. There she received a unique, hands-on education on the mechanical aspects of the piano while working with some of the most respected craftsmen in their fields.

Ning has since refocused her efforts on her teaching, collaborative, and solo career. She regularly accompanies several groups in the central Maryland area. She has performed in various venues with her trio, Opus 40. She is excited to be a founding member of the newly formed (2013) chamber ensemble, Severn River Piano Trio.

She has studied piano with Douglas Guiles, Mikhail Volchok, and Matthew Bachman in Maryland, USA.