Studio Policies

Initial Interview

All prospective students are required to schedule an initial interview and/or to observe a lesson. This is when the teacher can take time to assess the student’s musical background, learn about the student’s and/or parent’s goals, and address any questions or concerns. To schedule an interview, please contact the studio via phone or e-mail.

Lesson Behavior

Please arrive early or on-time; the waiting room is to the left down the stairs if a lesson is being wrapped up at that moment. You will forfeit lesson time if you are tardy. Please turn off cellphones. If siblings or friends are attending, make sure they have a quiet activity or respectfully listen and observe.


To ensure the best progress and experience, students are required to practice at least length of their lesson 6 days a week. There is no magic when it comes to making progress. You must put the time in to get rewarded! If the teacher feels the student is not practicing enough the student will be given a verbal warning. If there is still no improvement the student may be asked to leave the program.

Missed Lessons

If a student knows s/he needs to miss a lesson, then it is best to switch lesson times with another student. Lessons are made up at the teacher’s discretion. If a teacher misses a lesson it will be made up in a timely fashion, or prorated to the following semester.

Inclement Weather

Luckily, we live in the age of webcams and Skype! If schools are closed or you can not make it to your lesson due to poor road conditions, then lessons will take place via Skype. Please download Skype or Google Hangouts (both are free programs) to your computer/mobile device if you do not already have it. It is the responsibility of the parent/student to test audiovisual quality prior to any lessons that may need to be taught in this fashion; just schedule with me when you want to test your setup and we can do so!