About the Studio


We are currently accepting rolling interviews and applicants for Spring 2016.Studio Musica Vita is a recently founded piano studio offering private music lessons to the Maryland community. We are located in the central Maryland area. Our goal is to create an accessible, friendly, open atmosphere where people of all ages and backgrounds can learn to communicate in the universal language of music.

Starting lessons on the piano provides a solid foundation for any future musical endeavors.

Program Offerings

Lesson plans include an integrated balance of music theory, repertoire, sight-reading, and ear training.

Duration of a lesson can be arranged in 30-minute, 45-minute, or 60-minute intervals. Typically, 30-minute sessions are reserved for musical novices and the very young who usually have a shorter attention span. If the student would like to pursue a more rigorous study of music, they may opt for longer or more frequent lessons.

Parental Involvement

The parent’s role is perhaps the most crucial and at times challenging because s/he must be encouraging, consistent, and patient. With this shared experience, the parent and child will learn how to work closely together and communicate effectively. As the child matures and becomes self-sufficient, the parent and teacher will work together to gradually give the child more independence. Usually around ages 10-13, students are self-motivated and detail-oriented enough that they are able to work on their own.

Before beginning lessons, please decide who will be the practice partner at home and will consistently observe your child’s lessons. This parent will be in charge of taking notes during the classes and recreating the lesson at home on a daily basis. (We will offer practice strategies for working successfully at home together).